shinzo token PRESALE

The Shinzo Token is a strong Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 token that can give you a stable source of passive income in good and bad times. Deeply moved by the devastating effects of the pandemic (Covid 19), Shinzo, a compassionate entrepreneur, decided to create the Shinzo Token to help rebuild people’s lives with confidence. Shinzo will also be launching a series of utilities and platforms over the coming months. All profits from these ventures will be sent to the Dividend Wallet to benefit $Shinzo holders.

In order to raise fund for Shinzo Token, we are having our Presales now.

Package 1

1 BNB =550 Million
You get 50 million more Shinzo token

Package 4

5 BNB =3.5 Billion
You get 1.85 Billion more Shinzo token

Package 2

2 BNB =1.2 Billion
You get 100 million more Shinzo token

Package 5

10 BNB =8 Billion
You get 2.5 Billion more Shinzo token

Package 3

3 BNB =1.8 Billion
You get 150 million more Shinzo token

Package 6

15 BNB =15 Billion
You get 6.750 Billion more Shinzo token

How the Pre-Sales Contract work?

  1. Pre-sale buyers deposit BNB in the presale contract when they chose a package to buy.
  2. Presale buyers need to claim their tokens by clicking on the claim button to get their Shinzo token, after the pre-sales end.
  3. The claim button can only be claim with the same wallet address use to buy the token in order to claim the ownership of the token.
  4. The soft cap (Fund rising amount) of the pre-sales is 100 BNB if during the pre-sales period this target is not achieved all money (BNB) will be refunded to the buyer (investors). And this means the pre-sales have fail.
  5. If the pre-sales amount is achieved for example (we manage to rise more than (101 BNB) then investors will be able to claim their Shinzo Token after the pre-sales by clicking on the “Claim” button.
  6. Why is the Pre-sales contract build in this way? Because this to protect all investor who believe in Shinzo Token and Prevent (Rug Pull) from the owner. During Pre-sales all the fund is hold by the pre-sales contract (BSC) and not the owner.
  7. Shinzo Token is a genuine project and we believe in making people life better, the founder even has a “Yearly Dividend Wallet” setup to reward all investors who strongly believe in Shinzo Token and the dividend wallet will distribute out BUSD every year on 24 December Christmas eve.
  8. “Yearly Dividend Wallet” is also a way for the founder to reward the investors if Shinzo app or Retail business make money, a certain percentage of the profit will be transfer to the wallet and distribute BUSD out to investor yearly. You will never find a Token that work in this way.
  9. For every buy and sell transection done in pancake swap all investors will have a 10% reward in BUSD this will provide investors a stable income daily. For more information, please visit the Shinzo token website.
  10. Please do not buy Shinzo Token outside of Shinzo URL we do not offer any pre-sales outside our website. Also beware of any links that claim to give more Shinzo Token during our pre-sales.
  11. If you have any question, feel free to email us We will try our best to reply you within 24 hours.
  12. If you have invest in Shinzo Token please fill up this form and we will inform you when you can claim your token.

After Presales the token value shown below is our initial price on Pancakes Swap.

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